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Mr. Puti – Parvo Survivor 

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that can affect all dogs, even vaccinated ones like Mr. Puti.

Mr. Puti is a 6-month old tiny shih tzu when he was diagnosed with canine parvovirus. His family has no idea where he got the virus since he spends most of his time inside the house. Also, he’s vaccinated.



One morning, Puti wasn’t himself. He wasn’t running around like crazy in the morning, nor munching on his breakfast. Also, a few vomits were on the floor but it was hard to suspect because there are four dogs in Puti’s household.


Puti slept around lunch until dinner and had no appetite. The next day, he’s still not responding the way he used to so his furparents brought him to the nearest veterinary clinic. The vet laughed it off and said that Puti was just teething and his gums were swelling that’s why he’s lost his appetite.

Believing the vet, Puti was brought back home. On the third day, he puked again. Only this time the puke was green liquid and his poop wasn’t solid and it smelled really bad. His furparents decided to bring him to Marikina Veterinary Hospital.



Mr. Puti was diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus and was confined immediately. On his first night in the hospital, the medical staff confirmed that Mr. Puti was very weak.



His family visited him everyday and day after day, praying that Puti would recover. Fortunately, Puti has been making improvements. Mr. Puti is a legit fighter! After a week, he was discharged and went back home.



If you’re wondering if your vaccinated dog can get parvo, the answer is yes. If you’re also wondering if your dog can recover from parvo, that’s another yes.



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